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About Us

The Oklahoma City Agency was established in 1902 (five years prior to statehood). During most of this century, the franchise has been operated by the Wilson family. J. Hawley Wilson took the helm of the agency in 1939 and served until his death in 1961. Mr. Wilson was succeeded by his son, J. Hawley Wilson, Jr., CLU, who led the agency through the most dramatic growth in its history (1962-1991), producing $1 billion worth of insurance in force.

Mr. Wilson retired as general agent on January 1, 1991, and retired as an agent of MassMutual on January 1, 1997. From 1996 to 2007, Thomas McCaskill, III, guided the Agency through a time of creative growth and innovation that still permeates the organization today. Mark E. Burson has continued to grow and develop the quality and professionalism of our advisor group since 2007, with a continued focus on those critical factors that continue to set our organization apart in our respective markets.

Throughout the many years of operation, MassMutual Oklahoma has earned a positive reputation with individuals, families and businesses alike by using professional and ethical business practices. It is the goal of MassMutual Oklahoma not just to continue, but to enhance the professional image and reputation of MassMutual and our advisors. Our core values and beliefs support the relationship that exists between upholding high ethical standards and the ultimate generation of growing sales and profits.