Meet Cooper Hanning


A Career That Works for Your Family and Your Life 

Are You Looking for Flexibility and Fulfillment?
Meet Cooper Hanning, a MassMutual Agent who is building a family, a business and a legacy.

Entrepreneurship + Family
A Second Generation...

"My dad has been with MassMutual for most of my life and he was available to coach our sports teams, attend events and be home early, if needed. When he worked, he worked hard. Though the prospect of running my own business was a bit daunting, the rewards that came with it seemed worth the risk."


Time For Hobbies
Family, Fun, Fulfilment

"In addition to spending time with my family, I sing in a band and write music. I still play sports with friends and the flexibility I enjoy with my career allows me to build my business, while having outside activities. My wife works with Young Life and is a dance instructor, and I am able to be home early when she needs help with my daughter. With extended family in near-by states, we are able to take long weekends to see them. I appreciate the freedom I have in this line of work."



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